CUHK BBA-JD Double Degree Programme

Career Prospects

BBA-JD students acquire versatile skillsets that will help you shine in a variety of commercial and legal careers. You can confidently take up occupations in banking, law, regulatory, financial services, government, law enforcement, accounting, community-based non-profit and various other entrepreneurial ventures, and are well-prepared for the evolving marketplace in Hong Kong, the surrounding Pearl River Delta region, and the world.

BBA-JD graduates who aspire to practise law as Hong Kong barristers or solicitors may apply for the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) Programme. CUHK LAW offers its own PCLL Programme. You who complete the PCLL Programme and subsequent training contracts (in the case of solicitors) or pupillage (in the case of barristers) will be eligible to practise law in Hong Kong. 

BBA-JD Graduate Career Industries

Graduates will enjoy a wide-range of career prospects and advancement opportunities in such areas as:
Legal profession, including law firms, barristers’ chambers or in-house
Non-profit organisations (national and international)
Banking, financial services and regulatory
Global consulting groups
Government (legal and non-legal)
Leading multinational corporations