CUHK BBA-JD Double Degree Programme
Jodie Li

BBA-JD Graduate 2023

Graduate Associate at HKEX

The interdisciplinary nature of the CUHK BBA-JD Programme has provided me with a solid foundation in both business and law, allowing me to explore my interests and acquire valuable experience across diverse fields.


From contract analysis and commercial law, to financial management and strategic decision-making, the comprehensive curriculum of the programme has equipped me with a competitive edge in different areas of expertise. This diverse skill set has enabled me to navigate various industries, ranging from multinational conglomerates like Jardine Matheson, financial institutions like Fidelity International, to legal sectors like Parkside Chambers.


Besides, engaging in interactive classes and participating in extracurricular activities, such as case competitions, have allowed me to interact and collaborate with talented individuals, broadening my perspective and honing my ability to adapt and excel in dynamic environments.


Upon graduation, I am thrilled to embark on a new chapter at HKEX, where I can utilize my unique skill set, combined with a deep understanding of business principles and legal expertise, to thrive in my role with confidence and gratitude.

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