CUHK BBA-JD Double Degree Programme
Tina Wong

Vice President, Deutsche Bank AG, Hong Kong Branch

I always wanted to do both business and law because the two do go hand in hand. This seems a cliché but it is also true. Business is not just about numbers, but is also about how one's interest can be protected to the largest extent by agreeing good legal terms. During our business degree, we learned how to market products to boost sales and how to use financial models to give insight into business structures and to evaluate key performance drivers. Often, though, we neglected the underlying legal issues, such as how to avoid potential claims from other parties, what to do to prevent others from stealing ideas, etc. This is where law comes in. I also think law helps provide a more complete picture of how to run a business and how to uphold a company’s best interests, whether commercial or legal, without affecting business progress.”

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